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Look queen, if you have a business and you’re not thinking about your brand, let’s change that. It might work for you now, but next level business entrepreneurs are killing it by marketing themselves as a brand. 

For starters, our brains are freaking powerful!! We are constantly looking for patterns because it’s the way we understand our world. It’s part of the reason why we see faces and objects in the clouds. Our brains are going into overdrive; recognizing and making sense of the world around us. It’s also how we MANIFEST..

As a business owner, that’s exactly the kind of excitement we want the brain cueing in on when our clients perform what we like to call: Brand Recognition. Colors, objects, words, sounds, all create memories and take on an identity in our minds. Yaaaas.

Okay, but what does this even mean? Examples of this would be the colors: red and yellow. We recognize those colors used in everyday items with things like ketchup/mustard, fast food places, and carnival foods. We’ve associated these colors subconsciously with “delicious food”. In psychology, it’s called the “Ketchup & Mustard Theory”, where it is explained that red is a color that evokes hunger, while yellow draws excitement. The use of them together tells the brain that the food is exciting to eat. This strong pattern is so freaking powerful, just using the two colors in a food advertisement tells us all we need to know about what’s to come.

So how do we bring more of THAT same feel-good chemicals in your client’s brain? For starters, you must be visible!! You can’t gain clients from the sky! Don’t you wish they grew on trees? But they don’t! You gotta get their attention, and when you do, you have to keep it. Your content should tie in everything you want to say– without having to say it. Your photos, graphics, font, logos, websites, art, should all tell a story. It’s the easiest to do, with colors. At times you identify the brand by the gimmicks, words, font, or by evoking emotion. Colors can make you feel like you’ve got the energy of a gangsta, think royal blue, blood red, or black. While other colors like dainty blue and princess pink will make a bish feel so feminine and pretty. 

When you think of Shakira, you think of her long pretty blonde hair, her Colombian heritage, her throaty deep singing voice, and her crazy badass dance moves. We all know the ‘hips don’t lie’ song. That girl CAN twerk! Those are her gimmicks and qualities. Yeah okay, what about them? Here’s the thing: It friggin works. Time and time again, people will: 

Recognize her. The voice, the hair, the dance moves.

Know what to expect from her. She’s humble and a great performer.

Can identify (somehow) with her character. She’s a hard worker, very charitable, and lively.

She is the face of her freaking brand, and her fans are loyal. You want to find your clients who: love you, know what to expect, can identify you in a crowd, and also can identify with you.

Gordon Ramsey. A hard ass, curses every chance he gets, overly critical of everything, but also funny. He likes the expensive, he likes to joke around, and he also means 100% business. People love him because they know what to expect. They identified with him, and caught onto the pattern. When a new Gordon Ramsey show airs, they are the ones who will watch. His gimmick? Flames. Knives. Food.

Brand Identity is our mind’s way of making sense of this pattern we see when we get a sense of a person and/or brand.

So why is this important? Why do we need to ‘hone in’ on what qualities, gimmicks, colors, words, all say about you? Because it just works for our brains! It makes our brains happy. It helps our brains go, “Ahhhh”. Like sitting in a warm, comforting bath. The minute your clients find your page, they feel like they know you, like you, can connect with you somehow! They now can identify you in a crowd, they know what to expect, they’ve got you allll figured out, somehow got a leg up, and it just makes the brain happy. And you want your client’s brains happy. Like, all the time.

How do you create this dynamic with your business brand?

# 1 way is to become the face of your brand, boss lady! We recognize faces faster than we recognize the patterns of colors, words, etc. Photos of you create a story in their minds. If they see your pretty face in multiple photos, along with your gimmicks, they save your face in their brain. If they see your brand colors, fonts, words, being used everywhere, they save these characteristics as they associate them with you, as well.

A face you recognize, the coordinated colors/fonts you see, the tone of text, will feel more welcoming when you’ve seen it before and you’re considering working with them in the future. Doesn’t that just MAKE SENSE. Why is that? It all goes back to creating a pattern; Telling your story; Giving you an identity in a sea of competition. Building that Brand Identity.

If this is you, if you are interested in working on the first steps to showcasing your Brand Identity, I’d love to work together in highlighting the story you are going to tell your clients. I’ve been ready! Our first step is to collaborate on a vision and execute that vision with matching visual content.

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