Lifestyle branding session for Brides on a Budget wedding coordination in San Antonio, Texas by Paty Araujo Photography.

Hustle or Rest, no wrong way, by Paty Araujo Photography| Branding Photographer in San Antonio, Texas.

This is the time to decide whether you truly want to take a break and take it easy during this crazy situation or hustle. Honestly, there is no right or wrong YOU DESERVE either or! 

If you want to hustle or just take it easy take advantage of things that you haven’t been able to do. Get on the Instagram or Facebook game if you haven’t done so. Register for free webinars.  Read a book or some interesting articles. Listen to a podcast about your niche.

If you are a mom, here is a great blog on how to set up a routine for your children and your business.

But, how do you stay productive and organized in all the chaos? The answer = SET A ROUTINE! I assure you, it can keep you motivated and your workflow on fire!  

Now, I’m not suggesting working 12 hrs a day.  NO! We are only human. We need to chill a bit as well.  So, make sure you set your work hours and, most importantly, respect them!

I am going to tell you exactly how I stay productive and organized. I am not a perfectionist and I will never be one, so you have to understand that things may change despite having a schedule…and that is ok!

Every Sunday, while I am winding down, I write in my notebook everything (in no order) that needs to be done that week.  I check my calendar, my assignments’ due dates, what I wasn’t able to get done the previous week etc.

Then, I transfer everything to an app I have called Click-Up.  (There are lots of other apps like Asana, Google Calendars, Trello, and so on that can do the same.  I just love the way Click-Up works for me.) I set my realistic due dates (based on how big the task is) and divide them by daily tasks.  I also flag it as urgent, normal, non-urgent, or priority. This lets me know what I need to focus more on that week, in case something happens, so the rest can fall for the week after.

I set it up to get task notifications every day, so that  I know what’s due that day. It helps me to keep organized and productive.

This small routine I have works really good for me.  I hope you can take this as an example and create what works for you!

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